HER GÜN DOLAR KAZAN | USDT SİTE | İnternetten para kazanma 2023 – kanıtlı para kazanma

HER GÜN DOLAR KAZAN | USDT SİTE | İnternetten para kazanma 2023 – kanıtlı #internettenparakazan para kazanma

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazanma

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Join 58htmall and get involved!
This mall invites investment from all over the world, and friends with strength are welcome to contact us.
Registration link: https://58htmall.com/?Q759940
Telegram customer service: https://t.me/Tkmall66

Register to get 10USDT, the minimum recharge is 8USDT
Withdrawal limit: 1USDT
Number of withdrawals: 1 time
Withdrawal time: 7*24 hours

Investment income statement:
vip1 invests 18 USDT, earns 1.2 USDT daily,
vip2 invests 48 USDT, earns 5 USDT daily,
vip3 invests 108 USDT, earns 15 USDT daily,
vip4 invested 308 USDT, earning 44 USDT daily,
vip5 invested 808 USDT, earning 126 USDT daily,
vip6 invested 1818 USDT, earning 280 USDT daily,
vip7 invested 3818 USDT, earning 900 USDT daily,
vip8 invested 6818 USDT, earning 1800 USDT daily,
vip9 invested 10018 USDT, earning 3380 USDT daily,
————————————————– ———————————-
Team Commission: A B C Rebate 7% 2% 1%
A-level members 7%, the other party recharges 100 USDT, you get 7 USDT
2% for B-level members, the other party recharges 100 USDT, you get 2 USDT
C-level member 1%, the other party recharges 100 USDT, you get 1 USDT

Additional rewards for your team’s top-up on the day:
Team recharge reaches 1000USDT, reward 10USDT
Team recharge reaches 2000 USDT, reward 30 USDT
Team recharge reaches 5000USDT, reward 150USDT
Team recharge reaches 10,000 USDT, reward 500 USDT
Team recharge reaches 30,000 USDT, reward 2,400 USDT
Team recharge reaches 50,000 USDT, reward 4,000 USDT
Team recharge reaches 100,000 USDT, reward 8800 USDT

24 hours to meet the recharge requirements, consult the platform customer service at any time to receive, overtime recalculation!
==================================================== ==================================================== ==============================
1. If you recommend more users to join your promotion link, the more commission rewards you will get, and the commission charged by the recommended users will directly go into your membership
Member account, you can withdraw cash directly!
2. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted in any social software, as follows: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instarma, TikTok, KAO KAO, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc.

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