NEW USDT S─░TE ­čĺŞ | G├ťNL├ťK 2$ KAZAN├ç| ─░nternetten para kazanma 2023 para kazanma

NEW USDT S─░TE ­čĺŞ | G├ťNL├ťK 2$ KAZAN├ç| ─░nternetten para kazanma 2023 #internettenparakazan para kazanma

#internettenparakazan #internettenparakazanma #parakazanma

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1. Video introduction This is a platform to help the platform increase sales, and you can earn operating income through this platform.
2. The video introduction should be detailed and specific, such as registration, recharge, cash withdrawal, order grabbing and other processes
Registered account system gives 188 USDTŃÇé
What needs to be reminded is: after the recharge is completed, you need to return to the recharge page, click the “Submit” button, and the recharge is successful.
The minimum withdrawal is 2usdt, and the withdrawal will arrive in the account within seconds

3. Explain to the audience that members can also invite friends to claim rewards. The reward amount is allocated to the member account, and the rebate funds can be collected directly.

Video introduction and content placement details
Channel link: https://t.me/amazon365mall

Login link: Register link: https://amazon365.org/?Q443328

Contact customer service: https://t.me/amazon365org
The benefits of the VIP level are as follows:
Registration bonus: 188 USDT, the minimum deposit is 12 USDT to open the VIP2 task.
The usage period of each VIP level is 120 days, and the registration bonus + deposit amount can be withdrawn at the end of the period.
VIP2 quota 200USDT, daily tasks to earn 1USDT
VIP3 quota is 300USDT, daily tasks earn 8USDT
VIP4 quota is 500USDT, daily tasks earn 24USDT
VIP5 quota is 800USDT, daily tasks earn 40USDT
VIP6 quota is 1300USDT, daily tasks earn 80USDT
VIP7 quota is 3000USDT, daily tasks earn 300USDT
VIP8 quota is 5000USDT, daily tasks earn 800USDT
VIP9 quota is 11,000 USDT, and daily tasks earn 2,000 USDT
The SVIP quota is 25,000 USDT, and the daily task earns 5,000 USDT

Team commission: A B C rebate 5% 2% 1%
A-level members 5%, the other party deposits 1000 USDT, you get 50 USDT
2% for B-level members, if the other party deposits 1,000 USDT, you get 20 USDT
C-level member 1%, the other party deposits 1000 USDT, you get 10 USDT

Additional rewards for team 24-hour recharge:
Team deposit reaches 1000USDT, reward 50USDT
Team deposits reach 3000 USDT, reward 200USDT
Team deposit reaches 5000USDT, reward 350USDT
Team deposit reaches 10,000 USDT, reward 800 USDT
Team deposit reaches 30,000 USDT, reward 3000 USDT

24 hours to meet the team’s deposit requirements rewards, consult the platform customer service at any time to receive, overtime recalculation!
Customer Service: Telegram: https://t.me/amazon365org
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1. Recommend more users to join your promotion link, the more commission rewards you get, and the commission charged by the recommended users will go directly to your members
Member account, you can withdraw cash directly!
2. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted in any social software, as follows: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instarma, TikTok, KAO KAO, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc. Add our url and telegram video below.

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